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Kitchen Pantry Closet – Part 4

Continued from “Kitchen Pantry Closet – Part 3”

I am making progress. It’s been slow going, as I’ve only had an hour or two at a time to work on it since my last post, but progress is definitely being made. For a while, I had no real timeframe. I just wanted to do what I could when I had the time to do it. There was no rush basically. Still, being in no hurry, didn’t mean that I wasn’t going to stress out over it. That’s kind of how my mind works. When I’m elbows deep in something I obsess about it. I lose sleep in some cases.

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Kitchen Pantry Closet – Part 3

Continued from “Kitchen Pantry Closet – Part 2

I was correct in assuming when I kicked off this project off nearly a month and a half ago, that it was going to take some time. I knew it was going to take time because I didn’t have a lot of time on any given day to work at it. Plus, it’s probably the biggest home improvement project that I’ve ever attempted to take on without someone else’s valuable expertise guiding the way. I’m just figuring this shit out as I go. Anyway, even spending only a couple hours a day a few times a week, you wouldn’t think a closet remodel would take all that long. It is just a closet after all, right?

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Kitchen Pantry Closet – Part 2

Continued from “Kitchen Pantry Closet – Part 1

It’s been almost a month since I first started tearing up the old plaster in in my office closet. As expected, I’m nowhere near done. I knew I would only get the chance to work on this project periodically as I found time. If this project took place in a room that is used daily, I’d be a little more anxious to get it done but it’s a closet in the office that I’m converting to a pantry. My grocery storage has always been chaotic so it can remain that way a little bit longer as I work it all out. I’ll get there eventually.

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