Kitchen Pantry Closet – Part 5

It’s done! It’s finally done! With the exception of tracking down a decent wireless LED light of some sort online, the pantry is finally done and stocked. Suddenly I find myself with less stress and more time on my hands. I guess that’s a good thing though. I’ve got to figure out some priorities to catch up on some other things that took a backseat to this project over the course of the last few months. There are also some family things that have been the primary focus as of late and that will take much attention in the coming weeks. Needless to say, I’m glad that I can finally cross this item off of my to-do list.

Completed Pantry Shelves

The pantry shelves with their finished L shape

I left off with the majority of the step shelves completed. All that was left was to measure, cut and install trip pieces to make some of the rough edges and corners look a little cleaner. It was a bit tedious, but nothing compared to the effort put in up to that point. I had no problems with this.

Then I had to install the stack of vertical shelves that would connect to the steps. I thought about using some of that heavy-duty hardware that is designed for closets…the uprights with the equally spaced notches for specialized brackets. The problem is that the step shelves weren’t really perfectly spaced or sized to begin with and I knew if I went with this kind of hardware, I wouldn’t be able to perfectly align the new shelf pieces with their step counterparts, so I threw out that idea.

Instead, I ripped a couple chunks of 2×4 and screwed them in place under the left side of each step shelf lip that would have a connecting shelf on the east wall (the top five of the six). Then I picked up a bunch of brackets and did my best to use the studs in the east wall to secure them. That way I was able to raise, lower and level each shelf individually so that I could get a perfect “L” as needed. With the right edge of the new shelf resting on the blocks that I had installed on each shelf, I was able to do this easily enough.

The Pantry is Now in Business

Now that the pantry is complete, the shelves have been stocked

I double-checked my screws, tested the alignment with my level and when I was sure everything was good to go, I dusted everything up and told Sweetness that we can go ahead and stock it. We didn’t waste any time. For the second time this month we moved the scattered mess of groceries and dry goods from the temporary guestroom location and introduced them to their new home in the pantry.

As I’ve mentioned, it still needs lights, but as far as I’m concerned, this project is done. And look at all of that empty shelf space! There’s still so much room. I love decluttering.

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