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Sunday Smoking Beef Jerky

This isn’t my first attempt doing jerky on my tiny little Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker but it’s the first one that I’ve taken the time to consider writing a post about it. My first attempt was…oh, let’s just call it…a trial run, and it didn’t turn out quite as I had hoped. I have the smallest version of the WSM and rack space is very limited. Jerky takes up a lot of space if you’re relying on rack space so for that first run, I only sliced up about a pound of marinated flank steak and that pretty much covered the entire top rack. I figured it would be safest to avoid using the bottom rack at the time thinking it would be too close to the heat source despite the empty water pan in place as a heat shield.

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First Try at a Hefeweizen

This is an account of a batch of homebrew I made back in early September. I’m very much behind on keeping up with these posts so I’m trying to do right by my intention on keeping up with these little endeavors. This particular brew day is not fresh in my mind, but I’ll do my best to remember the basics. Here goes.

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