Since I was a kid, I’ve dreamed of having a cabin on a lake somewhere up north. Someday, I hope to make that happen. I also dream about having an RV of some sort, which would be like having another cabin, but one in which I could take wherever I wanted to. It would be the best of both worlds. One would be my own little slice of paradise to run away to when the everyday grind of life wears me down, and the other, the freedom to see the rest of what the country has to offer at my convenience.

The problem is, I’ve never been able to afford either of those things, at least not yet, but I’m working on it. In the mean time, it doesn’t keep my inner child from dreaming. My inner child is very much a spoiled brat, but it understands logic and reason and responsibility. It knows we can’t just go buy those things until there’s money in the bank and the security to keep up the payments once the commitment is made. Still, my inner child is relentless, and it expects something. I tell it that it must wait.

“But I want it now!”

“Inner Child,” I say, “you know we can’t do this until we have the dough. We’ve been through this.”

“Fine”, it might reply. “What can you do for me until then? You don’t want me to keep screaming, do you?”

So I have to distract it with something less…expensive. A less lofty goal of some sort. Sometimes that is a compromise, or even the idea of a compromise. Sometimes it’s happy just exploring the possibilities of an idea, even if it eventually concedes to the fact that perhaps the idea is not practical at all. Sometimes those ideas are intentionally crazy, a whimsical “what if” scenario, and sometimes that gets me into trouble, because when my inner child gets hold of an idea, whether its a good one, a bad one, or a crazy one, and it decides that it wants to make it happen…well then, it does whatever it can to convince me…

“This! We’re doing this one,” it squeals. I can almost hear a diabolical laugh in my head and I know that I’m going to have to see it through.

Dammit, Inner Child, you got me again.

Anyway, enough of the setup. What’s the crazy idea? Well, you should be able to get a pretty good idea by just looking at the title of this post or the categories that it belongs to. I have decided to go down the rabbit hole of trying to convert the Honda CR-V that I’ve been driving for over eight years into a tiny little sleeping compartment on wheels. In the past, I had tossed around the idea of buying an old van or a bus and using it to build out a custom RV, but I kept talking myself down with the notion that it would still be an expensive and I wouldn’t have the space for such a project in my driveway. Besides, it would require a lot of skills that I don’t have. Despite that being a good opportunity to learn those skills, I tried to put out that little spark of a thought with a friendly reminder that someday we’d get a real RV, or a cabin, or maybe even both, and all would be right with the world.

2007 Honda CR-V
My Honda CR-V before its transformation into a See? RV!

Well, that spark apparently never went out completely, and when my inner child found that it was still smoldering a bit in the depths of my mind, it stoked the flames and forced me to come up with yet another compromise. Okay, so not a bus or a van, but what about the car that I already have? It’s paid for. I rarely drive around more than myself and one other person. It could work?

So here I am. I haven’t gotten any official ideas or even measurements down on paper, but I did take out the rear seats last night to see how much space I might expect. I think I could pull something off. It seems roomy enough for two to sleep…it’ll be better than a pup tent anyway.

Honda CR-V with back seats removed
There, I fixed it.

So there you have it. Assuming I see this idea through, you can expect to see more posts as I work my way through it. If I decide that I was crazy after all, I’ll probably reinstall my backseats, quietly delete this post and back away pretending it never happened. Wish me luck.

Haha…I just realized that I’m 47 and I’m still building forts!