Checking in at the Peachtree City sign

Wow, what an interesting town I found in Peachtree City, Georgia. Some friends of ours moved down there last year to escape from the cold Midwest winters, and I can’t say I can blame them. The winters can drag on up here. Still, summers in the south can be unbearably hot, and since I start sweating buckets to anything above 80 degrees, regardless of humidity, I tend to be a bit more comfortable in a cooler climate.

Regardless, if I could somehow change my body to be able to tolerate the heat, I wouldn’t mind settling down in a place like Peachtree. Our whole trip was a mere forty-eight hours. Just two nights. My buddy had been asking for a while when we were going to come down to visit, so we finally made it happen and only took one day off of work.

The first thing I should mention is that of what little I saw between the Atlanta airport and Peachtree, I find Georgia to be a beautiful state. I love the tall, dense trees. It feels somehow like northern Minnesota, or even more so, if that’s possible.

I won’t try to go into a history lesson on Peachtree City, because I don’t know the whole history myself, but basically, the town was designed back in the late 1950’s and early 60’s, and it was all designed around a network of golf cart paths. Yes! Golf cart paths, as an alternate means of transportation. Apparently, the idea worked and the city continued to grow and expand their golf cart friendly community. I’ve only done a little homework, but what I learned is that it is a city of approximately 35,000 residents in an approximate twenty-five square mile area. As a comparison, my little suburb of Minneapolis is about the same number of residents in about 7.5 square miles. So, Peachtree is spread out. There are approximately 11,000 registered golf carts in town and they have about 90 miles of dedicated trails to tool around on. Even the high school kids are more likely to drive a golf cart to school than a car.

How awesome is that?

We had a great time with our friends, and we are grateful for them giving us the full tour by cart experience. We’d gladly go back and continue exploring another time. In the short time we were there, we checked out a couple cool bars and restaurants, and as a beer nerd, I was especially excited to visit the town’s craft brewery, which is called Line Creek Brewing.

As an aside, if you find yourself in the area, and have somehow managed to explore all that Peachtree City has to offer, take a drive over to Senoia and look around, especially if you’re a fan of “The Walking Dead.”