Well, I’ve regained some of my lost ground, but I’m still not quite back to where I was with my lowest weigh-in yet two weeks ago. I suppose I’ll get there soon enough, so I’m going to just have to be content in knowing that last week’s detour was only temporary.

Weekly Weigh-in: 257.4

bouncing back. slowly

I had already had a rough week last week in terms of temptation. Both food and beverage. But our little Georgia getaway set me back even further. Thankfully, it was hot down there, and apparently, I sweat out most of the extra calories I consumed while down there. I know. It doesn’t really work that way. I’m just saying that I know I consumed far more than a person on a diet should consume. It was a vacation after all. I’m just saying that when I got back and hopped on the scale out of curiosity, I wasn’t as far gone as I thought.

Back at home, I was able to get back into a good routine. The first three days of the week, I was good and I watched much of my temporary ballast melt away. I knew i wasn’t going to be fully caught up when my weekly Friday weigh-in came along, but I was moving in the right direction to bounce back.

So that’s it for this week. I have high hopes that by next week I’ll have surpassed my previous low weigh-in. I know I won’t hit my next goal of 252, but I should be a little closer.