Oh man, I blew it! I was so close to having a new low weekly weigh-in this week, but I went and blew it. Dammit, anyway

I came in at 255.8 this morning. It’s definitely an improvement over the last couple weeks, and definitely a move in the right direction, but based on how it was going earlier this week, I thought for sure that I was going to end much lower. But yesterday was a very frustrating day for reasons I won’t bother going into details, and I strayed from my otherwise strong week.

Weekly Weigh-in: 255.8

oooooh…so close to a new low!

I considered cheating and logging yesterday’s weigh-in as my weekly check-in, because actually, yesterday morning, I weighed 254.8. That is not only the lowest I’ve weighed since I started tracking here in this blog category, but it was the lowest I’ve weighed on any day since I started tracking daily weigh-ins on my fitness app in March. That is good news and a sign that I’m finally doing something right, but because of my previously mentioned frustrating days, I sort of gave up on the week. I didn’t get to the gym, and I ate less responsibly that I should have. I also had a number of beers to calm my nerves.

So, I’ve no one to blame but myself, but I can still be positive in knowing that I’m moving in the right direction. Hopefully next week I will have a new low to boast about. Oh, and full disclosure, I will probably use next Thursday’s weigh-in as my weekly check-in because I will be out of town from Thursday evening through Sunday, so I won’t be by my scale.

Alright, I will see you next week.