I’m adding this post to my “Grilling & Smoking” category. It was only on the grill for no more than two minutes, but I think that as long as the meat touched flame, even if for only a brief moment, then it should count.

New York Strip steaks seasoned with salt and pepper
New York Strip steaks simply seasoned with salt and pepper.

That’s my rule and I’m sticking to it. Okay, so I got my girlfriend one of those Instant Pots for her birthday. People have been raving about how much they love making meals with them. They claim it makes things so much easier, and fun in fact. We’ve been working hard at trying to prepare more meals at home, and while I do alright cooking in bulk with my smoker, it always helps to have a little variety. She mentioned that she was considering buying one, and when I saw that there was a model with a setting for sous vide, I knew I had to get it. She’d enjoy making meals with it, but I’d enjoy preparing the occasional perfect medium rare steak.

In fact, that’s the topic of this post. I gave it to her on Saturday morning, which was a few days before her birthday, but since we were talking about having steaks that night anyway, I figured the timing was right. We picked up a couple New York Strips from the local butcher, and home we headed to get started.

She figured out how to set the thing up, program a test run, and then set it up for sous vide at 129 while I salted and peppered the cuts and then vacuum sealed them with some butter and bay leaves. When the water was up to temp, we dropped the steaks in and walked away for a little over an hour.

New York Strip steaks vacuum sealed with butter and bay leaves
Vacuum sealed with butter and bay leaves and ready for the sous vide bath

At the end of the hour, I fired up my propane Weber grill and got it going as hot as I could get it. I don’t normally cook anything on there that hot, so I was not surprised when a small fire caught on the inside of the grill. No worries, it would put itself out and that would make it easier to clean. The temperature on the gas grill got to near 600 degrees, and when I pulled the strips out of the Instant Pot, I seared them for about a minute on each side, rotating them diagonally half-way through each side to get that nice dark criss-cross grill pattern.

Perfectly-cooked medium rare New York Strip
Perfectly cooked strip served with asparagus and a loaded baked potato. Yum!

I’m not going to brag, but I think it was the best steak I ever cooked. I am going to like this device. If you enjoy a good steak perfectly cooked to your liking, I’d recommend sous vide, whether you make it happen with an Instant Pot or some other device. You can’t go wrong. It makes it nearly impossible to overcook.