Yeah, this wasn’t the best week. It’s been rough. I’m up a bit. What of it? I’ll probably be up even more next week. You gonna give me a hard time then too? Should I ignore you now or later? Kidding. Go ahead and give me shit. I deserve it.

Weekly Weigh-in: 257.0

That’s right. I’ve gained weight since last week (sigh)

I’m not having a lot of progress as of late. I expected that though. I’ve been hoping that these weekly entries would be enough to keep me motivated. They were for a while but I’ve had distractions and I don’t seem to be too upset over a loss lately. At least not upset enough to make me want to try a little harder. I’m going to have to figure out how to turn that around and get back on track.

Anyway, full disclosure…I can pretty much predict right now that next week’s weigh-in will be even worse. I’ll be in St. Louis the next few days for work. That means my brain will sort of be in vacation mode, despite it being a work trip. That means I’ll be imbibing local craft beer to the best of my abilities and eating heavily with reckless abandon. I may get the opportunity to burn a few calories walking around town, but it won’t be nearly enough to offset what i expect to take in. I can guarantee that.

I’m going to predict that I’ll break 260 again. We shall see.