This is my 2020 Diet – Week 2 check-in, and I have some good news to report. I’ve made some ground already. It looks like having a bright and shiny new year in which to work with has provided some much-need motivation.

As a reminder, here’s where I started this year’s weight loss journey.

My first official weekly weigh-in for the year happened a few days after the new year began. That provided some opportunity to shed the heavy New Year’s Even intake and start out at what would feel to be a more realistic starting point. That weigh-in was 266.4 pounds. I’m not proud that I let myself get that heavy again after all the hard work I have done to lose weight in the past, but it was it is. It’ll just be a new starting point for a new challenge.

I went up a bit over the weekend, which with my routine is always to be expected. When I really hunker down and stick to my plan, I do far better during the workweek. But on the weekends…that’s when I lose a little ground. I’ll eat heavier meals than I would during the week, and of course there’s usually more beer. Lots more beer.

On Friday, we loaded up on groceries, and when we were done, we went out for dinner and a couple beers. I felt pretty good about ordering vegetables with my sandwich instead of fries. Sure, the sandwich was more calories than other dinners throughout the week, but it would have been worse with the fries.

Throughout the weekend in general, meals were heavier, and of course the beer I mentioned. It’s no surprise that come Monday I had lost significant ground. But, I remained diligent with my new plan to be as good as I possibly can during the workweek. I did let myself imbibe on Wednesday night, but for three out of the four weekdays leading up today, I ended the day well into the green as far as calories go. I got to the gym Sunday and Thursday. On Tuesday, I skipped the gym, and instead took a brisk three-mile walk through my neighborhood.

The Official Weigh-in

I feel like it was a very solid first week. So, what’s the word then? What is the official 2020 Diet – Week 2 weigh-in? I’m proud to say that in one week, I have lost 2.4 pounds. This week’s official weight is 262 pounds even.

Week 2: 262.0

Not a bad first week

And yes, the weekend is once again upon me, and I will surely lose a little ground between now and Monday, but I’m feeling good, and I’m feeling confident. I have nothing but high hopes for week three. I’d like to see 260 even or better for next week, but honestly…I’ll settle for any progress whatsoever.

Wish me luck.