Before I get started with my 2020 Diet – Week 3 check-in, let me first provide a link to my first post for the year. Also, here’s last week’s entry.

Okay, let’s move on.

Well, I’ll begin by stating that I thought this was a pretty good week. I did lose ground over the weekend, but that was completely expected. Weekends are for letting loose a bit. Or a lot. Whatever. I let loose to some degree, whether by a little or a lot. Yes, I lost ground for those few days, but come Monday, I had mostly good days for the rest of the week.

The Official Weigh-in

After a week, I’m dead even to where I was last Friday. I sort of expected to see at least a little bit of a loss. Then again, even though I stuck mostly to responsible portions for my meals, many of those meals included such things as pasta or sloppy joes. Even responsible portions of pasta tend to hang around a while.

Week 3: 262.0

No News is good news, right?

I’ve also been coping with a cold this week, and that usually lightens my appetite a bit. It also, causes a bit of dehydration, so I guess I would have expected that to be a factor.

Anyway, I guess it could be worse. I’ll take a break-even week over a net loss any day. I’m just saying it would have been nice to show even a tiny bit of progress. Well, the year is young, and so far I feel like I’m avoiding temptation more often than not.

I did only make it to the gym twice in the last week. I should have gone at least once over the weekend, but I gave myself a pass. Out of the seven days since last week’s weigh-in, there were four days “in the red” for calories, and three “in the green.” It’s no coincidence that the red days are the same four days in which I opted to enjoy a few libations.

I love beer. What can I say?

At any rate, that’s my 2020 Diet – Week 3 check-in. No news is good news, I suppose. Perhaps I’ll be more successful in the coming week.