This is 2020 Diet – Week 4, and I’ve got very little to report. Almost nothing in fact. Actually, I’m only providing an entry at all because I promised myself I would check in every week this year.

Before I get to it though, let me link you back to week one, so you can see where I started this year. My Week 1 check-in was predictably a bit high. After all, it came shortly after the holidays. Oh, and there were also the two months leading up to the new year where I sort of stopped caring. I may have shown a noticeable drop between then and Week 2, but I’ve been spinning my wheels ever since.

The Official Weigh-in

What do I mean by “spinning my wheels?” Well, this is the third week in a row where I came in at the same weight, which is 262 pounds even. It could be worse, I suppose, but damn…I’d like to see some progress.

Week 4: 262.0

i think my scale is broken

At any rate, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I feel like it might have been a better week if it was a standard, routine kind of week. But, I had Monday off for MLK Day, and that provided bonus weekend days. That, in turn, meant more calories, both in the form of food and beer.

Returning to work on Tuesday should have allowed me at least three responsible days this last week. Unfortunately, my girlfriend and I did that thing that we used to do a lot more of.

No, not that! Jeez, this is a blog post about my weight loss endeavors. I wouldn’t mention that. What the hell, man?

No, I mean we used to make excuses for not following our intended routine. It was a rough day, so let’s go out for dinner and a couple beers. Or, it was a great day, so let’s go out for dinner and beers. It seems that we can pretty much make up any excuse we want to not be responsible. Considering this was the first real challenge so far this year along those lines, I think we’re still doing pretty good.

I did have a decent Wednesday and Thursday, even if the five days before it weren’t so great. I guess when I look back at this week, breaking even is about the best I could hope for. I’ll take it.

It’s Friday once again though, so I’ll be paying far less attention to my diet, at least for the next couple days. 2020 Diet – Week 4 may be a bust, but maybe Week 5 is the week where I can finally jump start some progress.