After three weeks with no change, finally 2020 Diet – Week 5 brings some progress. It was a fairly decent week. For the four days between Friday and Monday, I was in the hole, but apparently I made up for it Tuesday through Thursday. I wasn’t expecting to see much progress, but something evened out. Some plateau was breached. At least, that’s what it seems.

Here’s how 2020 started out for me. Most of the weight in that premier check-in for 2020 was due both to holiday gluttony and having not even tried in November and December. The next three weeks, I came in at a consistent 262 pounds. I guess it took a while to shake it off.

The Official Weigh-in

I’ve apparently dropped 1.8 pounds since last week, and subsequently the two weeks before that as well. That means I came in at 258.2 this morning. Even though I’m only counting my weekly Friday weigh-ins here in these entries, I do step on the scale every morning. Today’s entry is the lowest daily weigh-in since mid-November. Not bad! Bully for me!

Week 5: 258.2

alright, let’s keep it up

I must admit. I was a little worried. Last night I came close to straying from my intended workday evening routine. I almost sloughed off the gym. I almost had a few beers. That would more than likely have lead to snacking, which in turn probably would have led to another no-progress weekly check-in.

Thankfully, I stayed strong. I have another week under my belt, which seems to fit a little more loosely for a change. I can’t complain. I’ll leave it at that for this entry, but I suppose I’ll probably make a separate entry for an end-of-month check-in. I could do that here, but…whatever. That’s all for 2020 Diet – Week 5. I’ll link to my monthly status check-in here as soon as it exists.