Wow, has it really been six weeks already? I guess it has. Okay, here it is. This is my 2020 Diet – Week 6 check-in. As usual, here’s a link to where I started this year.

I’m going to admit right away that this is going to be a short check-in. It was a rough week. I made progress, but it wasn’t much. It was a rough week. I was pretty good about eating responsibly though. Well, I did end the week with a huge burger and a pile of tater tots last night to celebrate the weekend returning. Oh…by the way, I am writing this week’s check-in on Saturday. My weekly weigh-ins are on Friday mornings. I just forgot to put this together until today.

Where was I?

Oh yeah. So, I did a pretty good job of not eating everything in sight, but for most of this week, beer was my weakness. It’s not an uncommon problem. I’ve been doing alright for most of 2020 so far. This week just had a lot of distractions. I won’t bother going into that though. I’m not making excuses. as I’ve said, I did make a little ground, so I can’t complain. In fact, I’m almost back down to where I was in late October when I had pretty much given up on my being good for the remainder of 2019. Hopefully, I’ll have hit that mark by next week.

Okay, enough jibber-jabber already. What’s the scoop?

The Official Weigh-in

My official weekly weigh-in for week 6 is 257.8. That’s only 0.4 pounds down from last week, but under the circumstances, I can’t complain. It’s progress, however little.

Week 5: 257.8

baby steps

Now, between yesterday and today, I’ve gained nearly five pounds. Those tater tots are really acting like a sponge. Hopefully that’ll be out of my system before next Friday and hopefully I’ll be back on track to having more good weekdays than not.

I’ll leave it there for my 2020 Diet – Week 6 check-in. There really isn’t much more to say. Besides, I’m hungry. I think I’m going to make a sammich.