Aw man, 2020 Diet – Week 8, and I’ve lost a little ground. It’s not a lot of ground, mind you, but it is ground loss nonetheless.

I’ll survive. I’ll bounce back.

At least I hope I will. Doing weekly check-ins as I have been doing, I kind of expect the occasional back-step. As long as I see more weeks where I make progress, I won’t worry so much about it. Where I do worry a bit is with my monthly check-ins. The mini-goal, or more accurately…the set of mini-goals I have set for myself require me to weigh in on the last day of each month with a weight lower than the last day of the previous month.

February has been a rough month. It’s been a good month. I’ve just been distracted and I’m not sticking with my routine. For one thing, I signed up for a guitar building workshop. I’ve really enjoyed it, but it kept me from getting to the gym and being diligent with my diet. Oh, and we’ve been talking about getting a dog as of late, and this is the week it’s happening. He comes home from the Humane Society today.

That’s exciting, right?

Yes, I know. Both those things sound like excuses, and sure…let’s call them that. I wont’ try to deny it. That being said, at least my distractions are due to good things for a change, and not bad. And the workshop is done now. I’ll be able to get back to the routine, which will apparently now have a lot of dog-related tasks.

The Official Weigh-in:

So then, where am I?

Week 8: 259.2


It could be worse. I’ve gone up and down much more than that in a single week before. At any rate, I suppose as I round the corner toward the end of February, I might just find myself cranking up the efforts a bit. If I can make progress by next Friday, there will be hope, but my official monthly check-in isn’t until Saturday.

I’ll touch base again then. For now, that it for my 2020 Diet – Week 8 check-in.