Okay. 2020 Diet – Week 9 check-in. Here we go.

February has been a rough month. I’ll admit that. I was easily distracted by temptation due to a change in my intended weekday routine. I took a guitar building workshop that was two or three nights a week for three weeks in a row. It kept me from getting to the gym as often as I’d like to go. Also, I enjoyed it so much that I was inspired to imbibe upon returning home.

That’s alright though, because I figured that I’d be right back into the routine when the class was finished. Not so fast!

Just as that finished up, a new distractor of routines entered my life. This distraction…a new little doggie. We’d talked about adopting a dog for some time. The idea finally started to gain traction. And, when it did, it happened quickly.

Still, somehow, even with this new little chewing monster…his name is Sully…I managed to mostly get back into the swing of things since last week. It looked like I might be stuck with a gain in weight by week’s end, but the closer I got to the weekend, the harder I was on myself to stick with the plan. Damn the distractions.

The Official Weigh-in:

Okay, enough of the setup. What’s the magic number? I’m happy to say that since last week, by some magic, I came in at 256 on the nose. That’s a 3.2 pound loss since last week. Also, it’s the lowest I’ve come in since the last week of October. I’m quite pleased with that.

Week 9: 256.0

back…back in the new york groove (nothing to do with anything)

Tomorrow I’ll be making my second month-end check-in. I just have to stay below 258.2 to fulfill that monthly goal. I feel quite confident that even a cheeseburger and a bunch of beers tonight won’t be enough to set me that far back.

Everything’s coming up roses!

Alright, that’s it for my 2020 Diet – Week 9 check-in. See ya next week.