Well, the world started falling apart and I went and realized that I hadn’t checked in last week. My 2020 Diet – Week 11 check-in is already six days late. At least I am not putting up two entries tomorrow.

Okay, yeah…crazy shit going on out there. And yeah, it’s directly affected my diet and exercise routine as well as pretty much every corner of my life. Most of the changes didn’t really start in until early this week, but this entry represents what should have been last Friday’s check-in.

At that time, I was still working from the office. Things were somewhat normal, but everyone was seeing the numbers rise for this global coronavirus pandemic. Things were getting scary.

Still, that wasn’t my concern last week, admittedly. No, I was focused on the weekend because we had a little getaway planned. We made reservations for a hotel in Duluth back in early February. With that on our calendar, we kept our eyes on the time away from it all. We were also exhausted from getting used to having a high-energy anxious dog in the house. We needed that time away.

What does that mean for this check-in?

The Official Weigh-in:

It means that it should come as no surprise that I didn’t make any forward progress. I’m slipping back some. On Friday, before we left for our three-day weekend, I weighed in at 259.2, a full pound up from the week prior. I can’t blame the coronavirus though. No, this was merely me being distracted by the prospect of a few days away.

Week 11: 259.2

losing ground, but i shall overcome

Anyway, since this entry is late, I’ll be writing up an entry for week 12 tomorrow. That’s all for 2020 Diet – Week 11. Take care. Stay healthy. Wash your hands. Gah, what a world we live in right now.