First of all, regarding my 2020 Diet – Week 12 check-in, I have to make a full disclosure. This entry is not just late. It’s extra late. I’m writing this entry on the day after my Week 13 check-in was due. Not good!

My excuse? Well, can I use this coronavirus pandemic as an excuse? Because I’d like to. A lot of things have been throwing me off my routine, but that’s probably the biggest one. It seems like being cooped up at home while doing best to practice proper social distancing would give me the time to get caught up on these things. Somehow though, I feel even more busy.

I’ve been working from home, which was an adjustment, in and of itself. I realized how my commute, both to the office in the morning, and home in the afternoon, were how I shifted gears. Apparently, I used them ritualistically to transition from one mindset to the other. I never realized that. After two weeks of having a five-second transition between my kitchen and my laptop in the basement, I found that switching gears was more difficult.

I’m making due though. I’ve gotten into a groove and I do feel like I’m getting shit done. And on the plus-side, the dog loves having someone here all the time.

The point I was trying to make is that without a proper transition between home life and work life, I am often feeling…stuck. The simplest way I can think to explain that is to say that I have a hard time shutting work off. My mind keeps spinning like I’m still at the office. In a way, I sort of still am.

Oh, and my gym is closed. I’m not getting nearly the amount of cardio that I require. As far as food…we made sure we had plenty on hand, so we haven’t been starving. And every night is sort of like an extension of the weekend. Yeah, we have to work in the morning, but it would be a shame not to have a few beers here at the end of the world.

Yeah, my daily calorie intake has been taking a beating.

The Official Weigh-in:

What does all that mean in terms of my goals? Well, my weigh in for this week (8 days ago) was 257.8. That’s down 1.4 pounds from the week before. Under the circumstances, I’ll count that as a win. Yeah, I’m not making leaps and bounds, but hell…I’m not gaining. That’s a win.

Alright, I’m going to wrap this up and work on yesterday’s entry. Then I’ll be back on track. That’s all for my 2020 Diet – Week 12 check-in.